Building uWSGI on Ubuntu 11.xx

uWSGI is the HTTP server included with the Rascal. I want to fiddle with its source code and extend it, so I started by building the stock distribution on an x86 Ubuntu 11.04 box. This is how I did it.

0. I had to first install some packages for the build to succeed:

sudo apt-get install libxml2 libxml2-dev python-dev

1. Download the current tarball listed under

2. Untar and then follow the instructions from

tar xzvf uwsgi-
cd uwsgi-

3. The compile should complete successfully with the last line reading like this:

*** uWSGI is ready, launch it with ./uwsgi ***

4. Start it like this:

./uwsgi --http :80

In future posts, I’ll look at modifying the uWSGI source code to support Python-programmed user mode interrupt handlers.

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